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L'évive Labs

The Rebel

The Rebel

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L‘évive Lab‘s next generation of NMN-based longevity supplement is a trademark formulation that combines NMN with resveratrol and methylation factors: the top 2 longevity nutrients are enriched with vital co-factor minerals and essential microminerals that are commonly depleted as we age.



  • Reverses aging at a cellular level
  • Boost energy and intracellular NAD+ levels
  • Improves methylation capacity and detoxification

    Directions for use

    Take 2 capsules with breakfast (morning with meal); no restrictions. Consume long-term to supercharge your cells

    Formula (Key Components)

    • NMN  Improves cellular health and fights oxidative stress
    • Resveratrol – Fights and reverses the signs of aging
    • Zinc picolinate  Boosts skin health and supports hair growth
    • Niacin – Supercharges brain function and regulates blood sugar
    • P-5-P – Improves mood and reduces inflammation
    • Methylb12  Supports nervous system function, boosts energy levels
    • Magnesium citrate - Improves muscle and nerve function, regulates blood pressure, promotes sleep quality

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