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Remember the days when you were in your 20s? Dancing in the rain in the middle of the night, finishing a party with delicious snacks, and riding off into the sunset with your latest sweetheart on your motorbike...

Back then, life knew no bounds; possibilities were endless. With limitless energy, you were unstoppable, as if you could even move mountains!

Fast forward to now, and yeah, your energy levels aren't what they used to be. Sometimes it feels like we're stuck in a rut, battling the fear of getting old, both mentally and physically.

But what if there was a secret formula that gives you the power to hit pause and rewind on the tape of life? 

Hi, I’m Julia, a manager, entrepreneur, and mother of a happy 6-year-old boy in my 40s. Up until two years ago, my energy level seemed to have no limits. However, during the pandemic, I moved from Europe to Asia, and my son started school here. Despite having more support at home than in Europe, when work challenges intensified, my body and mind didn't exhibit the usual resilience I had initially experienced during the build-up of my career.

I tried my usual recipe of workouts, good nutrition, relaxation, and enough sleep to balance my energy levels, but it didn’t have the same effects any more.

That was when I decided to take my first DNA test and discovered my bio age by exploring my epigenetics What I learned blew my mind. It was the first time I truly got a clear picture of my body—understanding what it is made of, recognizing its needs in terms of nutrients and supplements, and pinpointing the best kind of workouts that would really boost my energy levels. 

But at this juncture, all the test kits, reports, supplements, and different workouts were in bits and pieces and not accessible to me as an all-in-one solution. There was no practical, hands-on, personalized plan for me to follow that I could easily integrate into my daily life. And sourcing all the supplements from multiple different sources soon became costly and time-consuming.

So, I teamed up with doctors, biohackers, nutritionists, and lab partners to create a platform for longevity—accessible to busy moms, dads, managers, and entrepreneurs. We offer a lineup of supplements that incorporate the very best for slowing down the aging process. Our Online Clinic allows you to analyze what your body is made of, and get customized longevity solutions to rejuvenate the best version of yourself. Additionally, we've included a fun and engaging hub for you to explore science-backed hacks to extend the best years of your life.

Welcome to L'évive Labs! Welcome to your tribe of rebels, visionaries, and early adopters of cutting-edge and kick-ass anti-aging solutions.



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