Frequently-Asked Questions


Which longevity supplements are right for me?

Longevity supplements are dietary products made of science-backed formulations to promote cellular regeneration - and slow aging. L’évive Labs created The Rebel is our signature longevity essentials supplement anyone can add to their everyday life. It combines NMN with resveratrol, the top 2 longevity nutrients, and is enriched with vital co-factor minerals and essential microminerals that are commonly depleted as we age.

Aside The Rebel, L'évive Labs created a series of add on supplements, depending on what your body and mind needs: The Boost for your mental performance, The Ohmm to help you unwind and enhance your sleep and The Glow to protect your skin from the inside.

Take our longevity quiz to find out which supplement is right for you!

And for a fully personalized version, opt into our DNA & epigenetics based longevity program to receive your signature supplements with specific focus on what your body is made of.

Are the supplements safe?

L’évive Labs’ supplements we formulated by functional medical & longevity doctors and MPS-registered compound pharmacists. The supplements’ ingredients are sourced from FDA registered suppliers.

All supplements have been designed to complement your diet to extend your health and vitality.

How often and how long should I take them?

Depending on the supplement you choose, you can take it daily or to enhance your health and vitality at certain points in time.

The Rebel has been recommended by our doctors to take on a daily basis over a longer term to supercharge your cell renewal. It is recommended to take 2 capsules with your breakfast/morning meal.

The Boost has been formulated to enhance mental clarity and supercharge your performance, especially on those very challenging days when you need to show up and be at your best peak. Take 2 capsules on an empty stomach prior to focus-demanding activities. If your mornings are hectic, take them early; for those facing demanding afternoons, take them later in the day. High-work-demand individuals can take 2 capsules twice daily (one dose in the morning and another in the afternoon).

The Glow has been designed to boost your skin's defense and antioxidant capacity against daily sun damage, which is the leading cause of skin aging.

Take 2 capsules daily with a meal; double the dose if you've been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

The Ohmm is the ideal supplement to help you unwind from your busy day and enhance your sleep. Take 2 capsules (with or without food) at night; abnormally anxious people can take 2 capsules during the day and another 2 at night (usually late evening); insomniacs can take another 2 capsules 30–60 minutes before bedtime. (Note: Do not consume if intoxicated.)

If you have opted in to your personalized longevity program, based on your genetics and epigenetics, our Online Clinic doctors will prescribe you the best supplement combo for your daily dose – based on what you are made of. Directions for use will be included in the doctor’s prescription, easy to acces for you through your Online Clinic login.

Can I take L’évive Labs supplements if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Please contact your gynecologist before consuming any supplements.

Personalized Longevity Program

What is personalized longevity?

Our Signature Longevity Program is made to reverse your age and make you feel amazing. By analyzing your DNA and your epigenetics, we provide you with insights on what your body is made of, your current biological age (which can vary from your chronological one in your passport) which we derive from your epigenetics and what you can do to optimize your bio age and reverse signs of aging.

We do this by analyzing your saliva sample through our partner labs in Europe, at highest data protection standards, and by integrating with renowned AI based Muhdo health platform in the UK to derive a curring edge-longevity plan for you.

Through L’évive Labs Online Clinic, you can access your consultation and go through your plan with our doctors, nutritionist and biohackers - and you will also receive your fully personalized supplements – formulated specifically based on your DNA and your longevity goals.

What is My Insights Test Kit? How does it work?

My Insights test kit combines DNA & Epigenetics based analysis all-in-one.

International longevity studies, such as Dr. David Sinclairs’ from Harvard Medical School or Dr. Steve Horvarth from UCLA (University of California) have shown, that in order to optimize your longevity, it is crucial to understand DNA and its repair mechanisms whilst also looking at epigenetic marks leading to cellular aging.

This is why L’évive Labs offers both, DNA and Epigenetics tests as an integrated solution to understand what your body is made of and what you can do to extend the best years of your life.

Conducting the test is easy: We send you the My Insights test kit to your home. It is a simple saliva test which comes with a return envelope you use to send it back to L’évive Labs.

How does the shipment of My Insights Test Kit work?

Click on the thumbnails below to download full PDF.

or click here to download the PDF instructions!

What is the difference between DNA and Epigenetics testing?

L’evive Labs combines 2 key areas of testing and analysis to understand how you can enhance your health to reduce negative effects of aging.

DNA tests analyze specific regions of your genome or the entire genome to identify variations, mutations, or markers associated with specific traits or conditions. It allows you to understand what your body is made of.

Epigenetics testing looks at modifications to DNA molecules, such as methylation or histone modification, which can affect how genes are “turned on” or “turned off”.

While DNA testing focuses on the sequence of genetic information, epigenetics testing explores how environmental factors and lifestyle choices influence gene expression without altering the underlying DNA sequence – to ultimately understand what you can do to influence your epigenetics to turn on all the good elements of your DNA to optimize your health and vitality.

How fast will I have my results?

Analyzing your genetics and epigenetics data and compiling your personalized plan for you takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Upon completion, L’évive Labs will send you a notification to book your complimentary consultation session through our Online Clinic. Our doctors, nutritionists and biohackers will walk you through your personalized longevity plan during the session and will also recommend you a personalized supplement kit, which you will receive as your first month dosis as part of our signature longevity program.

How can I get my results?

Our doctors, nutritionists and biohackers will walk you through your personalized longevity plan during your first complimentary Online Clinic session. Through your login details, your longevity plan remains always accessible to you – either online or by downloading it with your login details and password.

Ordering and Shipment

Are import duties included in the product price on the website?

No, import duties are not included in the product prices listed on our website. Our prices only cover the cost of the product and any applicable shipping fees. Import duties and taxes are separate charges that might be imposed by your government.

Are shipment costs included?

L’évive Labs offers free shipping on all orders exceeding S$150.00 or RM500.00. For the time being, free shipping is limited to only Malaysia and Singapore.

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